Tools for Bearings

A Quest to make Hard Work Easy

We don't just sell tools. We imagine, design, manufacture, test, sell and build powerful legacies with them.

Since 1976, we have been driven by a quest to make a difference in the lives of those who work hard. We are in tune with our end users and understand the challenges they face on the job. Whether it is on a construction site or a shop floor or automotive garage or a mine or a farm, we understand the nuances of using tools and equipment in all areas of application. Hence, we invest ourselves in building tools and equipment that make working easy. No wonder millions of professional and home users across the world prefer GROZ products.

  • To provide specialised manufacturing services in technologically advanced environments to customers who appreciate accuracy, consistency and value;
  • To relentlessly pursue excellence in deed to delight our customers, enrich the lives of employees, and protect the environment that we operate in.

To be a comprehensive source for high-quality, high-performance tools and equipment


To be a comprehensive source for high-quality, high-performance tools and equipment

Our Values

We treat our employees, customers and partners as family and that is how we built trust as the mainstay of our business over the years. This trust comes from our adherence to the value system we have created and imbibed in our day-to-day work lives.

We listen more, understand the core problems of our stakeholders, and understand capabilities and limitations of our colleagues, help each other to create great value. We pass that value to our customers.

We believe doing what is expected to be done is not enough. We are addicted to excellence and passionate about it. We go beyond expectations, we devote ourselves to the outcomes. We keep at it until we get results.

We ask ourselves every step of the way - Is this the right thing to do? Then we make commitments that we can fulfil and ensure their outcomes. We take it personally.

The world is changing fast. We respond to changes quickly. We do not hesitate in trying new things.

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