Polytron is an U.S based company that manufactures high-tech lubricants. They contain revolutionary proprietary micro-metallurgical technology which converts (under heat and pressure generated by friction) metallic friction surfaces to significantly harder, long lasting and highly smooth surfaces. This translates into much lower friction and almost complete elimination of wear. Our company is an exclusive agent/ importer of Polytron Lubricants.


Main Features/ characteristics of Polytron Lubricants

Eliminates wear of engine/ equipment parts

Keeps the engine/equipment clean from any residual deposits

Increases productivity – near zero downtime

Extends the life of injectors and fuel pumps

Increased savings in fuel, oil and maintenance cost

Considerable reduction in vibrations and in exhaust pollutants

Extends the life or engine/ equipment by 600% to 900% and the oil change intervals by 300% to 600%

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