Awareness Sessions

Awareness Sessions

We conduct awareness sessions for our customers if requested, and educate their Maintenance Team & Engineers on basic handling of bearings and protocols to be followed for an increased life of the bearings

We have a network of friction management and power transmissions experts all over India to educate and train your team :
  • Training in best practices ((class room or hands on))
  • Bearing Designation Systems
  • Handling Instructions for Bearings
  • Machine Tool Spindle Bearing Selection & Mounting Guide
  • Maintenance Techniques
  • How to use Maintenance Tools and Mounting
  • Installation and Removal (Dismounting) Techniques
  • Bearing pre heating methods
  • Lubrication methods
  • Why? analysis

Velyathusamy Spinning Mills, Dindigul
NSK CNC Machine Technical Seminar at Coimbatore Heritage Hotel
Timken Seminar at Velson Drilling Dynamics, Thiruchengode



These awareness sessions have been found immensely useful by our customers, as it briefs the users as to how to handle the product. These sessions can clear any doubts of the employees improving product usage.


These sessions help in reducing the bearing usage as it increases the life of the bearing. This can turn out to be a huge advantage for the company, cutting costs in the long run.

Need Awareness Sessions in your organisation? Please fill the form below and our customer care executive will get in touch with you shortly.