Corporate Profile

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Marathal P
Non-Executive Chairman
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Jayakumar Palaniswamy
Managing Director

Management Team

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Gandhimathi J
Joint Managing Director
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Ganeshkumar S
Marketing Director
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Padmanaban N
Chief Financial Officer
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Arnav Dasgupta
Sales Director & Head Procurement
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Ravindranath B
Regional Director (Chennai)
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Rahul Prithvi J
Business Development Director
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Kannan U
Director of Operations
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Ramesh Mathias
IT/ EDP Head
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Vimal Amirtharaj
General Manager - Finance
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Rathinavel A C
Director of HR

A company guided by it’s values and driven by it’s people


To become the leading trading house in India for friction management solutions


Achieve world class solutions through innovative systems and delight our customers by performing better than their expectations

Core Values
  • Genuinity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Mutual Growth
  • Integrity
  • Ethical & Transparent working
  • Passionate & Innovative on solving problems
  • Accountability in everything we do
  • Open to learn
  • Team work

Life at Jayachandra

Impact Stories

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M. Saravanan
Senior Sales Executive
My journey with Jayachandra

I was fourteen years, then and hadn’t complete my schooling. I desperately needed a job and landed in Jayachandra! Started off as an office boy with my monthly earning of Rs.800.00. It was a sea of rolling bearings and I took my lessons with my valued seniors. I was deeply interested and as the years passed, I went from menial jobs to a stock enumerator. The inspiring story of my MD/Leader pushed me to copy his efforts, determination, hard work! He was that role model who was a doer-of-everything in a successful business!

My ladder extended and my roles changed to logistics handler and to now, after 19 years, where I handle customers directly. To quantify my growth, I’m currently drawing forty thousand rupees and more on every month, while in terms of the quality of my growth I’ve learned and experienced so much more.

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From an unfortunate school dropout to a highly paid seller in the organisation, as I look back, seems to be an incredible journey!


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